The development of Infra-JVM are not yet fully integrated. You can find :

  • The developement related to resource management (Task 2) in the gforge repository of VMKit (git clone git://, in the origin/ijvm branch for the resource isolation¬†mechanism for OSGi, in the origin/Incubator_Inti branch for the resource isolation mechanism for Kevoree, and in the master branch for the memory leak detection and correction when components are updated. Notice that we have migrated the repository to llvm two weeks ago and that some developments are already performed in this last.
  • The development related to scheduling (Task 3) in a LaBRI repository (must be updated).
  • The development related to memory management (Task 4) in the gforge repository of TransGC (git clone git://, in the¬†origin/transgc branch.
  • The development related to the final application (Task 5), which is at its early stage, in the repository [TODO] for the new Galak constraint solver and in the repository [TODO] for the Kevoree final application.