This project is highly interdisciplinary, combining the fields of operating systems, managed runtime environments, programming languages, software engineering and constraint solving. The principal investigators have complementary and intersecting expertise in these different areas.
The Infra-JVM project brings together ten permanent researchers: nine from four financed research groups (Regal, Lsr, Triskell and Constraint team), and one from a non-financed foreign partner from Denmark. Regal, which leads the project, is specialized in managed runtime environment. Lsr is specialized in domain specific languages and middleware.
Triskell is specialized in software engineering with a particular focus on pervasive applications. Constraint is specialized in constraint solving. Finally, Julia Lawall from the University of Copenhagen has implemented the compiler for the Bossa DSL, and has expertise in scheduling.
Overall, we will draw on our collective expertise in operating systems, managed runtime environments, programming languages, software engineering and constraint solving, to improve the performance and robustness of pervasive Java applications. This combination of expertise has lead to the success of several joint research projects and research papers in toprated international conferences co-authored by researchers of the different partners. The current project will build on this existing synergy.


Regal is a join research team from UPMC and INRIA, specialized in distributed algorithms, distributed systems, operating systems and managed runtime environments. The researchers involved in the Infra-JVM project are mainly involved in the operating system and managed runtime environment group of the Regal team. Gaël Thomas, who leads the project, is the leader of the VMKit project and specializes in Managed Runtime Environments and multicores. Gilles Muller specializes in scheduling, operating systems, distributed memory and multi-cores.


The LSR research group from LaBRI (Computer Science Research Laboratory of the University of Bordeaux 1) aims to design language technology for developing distributed systems. Members of the LSR research group have participated in several national and European projects, such as FLFS and Amigo, providing them a strong experience in the field of programming languages, adaptive software architecture, and distributed systems. This experience will be invaluable in the context of the Infra-JVM project.


Triskell, located in Irisa in Rennes, is a world leader in Software Engineering and more specifically in research in Model Driven Engineering applied to pervasive applications. Over the last four years, Triskell has published 14 papers at MODELS, more than any other research group in the world. Four of these papers were selected for SoSyM as best papers of the conference (in 2007, 2008, and two in 2009). Triskell brings to the project extensive expertise in model driven engineering and pervasive environments. Within Infra-JVM, Triskell will lead and manage Tasks 2 and 5, leveraging and extending its pioneering research on models@runtime (from DiVA FP7 STREP), and pervasive applications to develop mechanisms at the JVM level to perform resources reservation and dynamic load balancing. Johann Bourcier specializes in self-adaptive applications in  pervasive environments. Olivier Barais specializes in Model Driven Engineering and Component Based Software Engineering.


The Constraint team at EMN focuses on discrete constraints, with a strong expertise on explanation, and on global constraints. The team is the developer of Choco, an open-source Java library for constraint satisfaction problems (CSP), Constraint Programming (CP) and explanation-based constraint solving (e-CP). Within this project, Xavier Lorca (assistant prof.), Narendra Jussien (prof.) and Charles Prud’homme (research engineer) will appear as final user with our solver. Narendra Jussien was a founder of the Choco project ; Xavier Lorca is developing the next version of the solver and Charles Prud’homme is the engineer in charge of Choco at this time.